2020 MonManCamp Video Scholarships Competition Rules

  • MANDOLIN Video Competition: Video Submission between February 1-15. Winner announced February 28, 2020.
  • BANJO Video Competition: Video Submission between
    March 1 – March 15 Winner Announced April 1, 2020.
  • FIDDLE Video Competition: Video Submission between
    April 1- April 15. (New Dates): Winner announced April 30, 2020.
  • NEW for 2020! GUITAR Video Competition: Video Submission
    April 15 – April 30, 2020. Winner announced May 15, 2020.


  • Music submitted must be a Bill Monroe tune or instrumental.
  • Submissions open to candidates of any age.
  • Participants to write a 500 word essay on their musical pursuits, why they are interested in Monroe’s prolific music and their goals in attending this camp.
  • Video must remain under 4 minutes.
  • Announce your name and song title on the video. You may play solo or with accompaniment-just make sure video camera is pointing on person submitting video. Please make sure we can see both left and right hands!
  • A maximum of 25 submissions accepted (you will receive an email with confirmation if your video is accepted.)
  • Upload video to YouTube, and email the link to: monroemandolincamp@gmail.com . In subject line of email, please write “2020 (Insert Instrument ) MonManCamp Video Scholarship Competition.”
  • The winner of each Video Scholarship Competition to be awarded a full tuition scholarship including camp T-shirt.
  • Transportation, meals and lodging are separate and not included in the award, and the responsibility of the winner.
  • Winning video may be used in promotional materials.
  • Entries will be judged on 4 categories including: Authenticity, Execution, Difficulty, and Technique.
  • Previous Video Scholarship winners are not eligible for consecutive years on the same instrument.
  • Video Scholarship Winners are limited to instrument classes for whicht they won the scholarship.

Raynae Redman

My name is Raynae Redman and this is the second time I have attended Monroe Mandolin Camp.
In 2016, the camp was expanded to include banjo, and in 2017, a fiddle track was also added. Each year there’ll be another instrument track added until each of the 5 bluegrass instruments in Monroe’s band will be offered. It’s going to be exciting as each year the next instrument added will make it a full Monroe Bluegrass experience.

I was intrigued and stoked to attend because I wanted to take the banjo track. it was taught by the famous Alan O’Bryant of the Nashville Bluegrass Band fame-Very exciting. All techniques and songs taught were Monroe songs and styles even on the banjo, keeping with the theme of this being a Monroe camp.

A very nice spiral bound book was given to us with tabs and tips from each instructor for what they were teaching, and even though I took the banjo track, our book contained all the mandolin instructions and tabs too, which was a bonus. The book was nicely done and is about 3/4″ thick with a lot of useful information.

The camp is well run and a lot of fun to attend. They offer fun evening activities as an added interest to the camp too.

The food package offered was unbelievably good. i almost decided to not pay for the food package thinking I’d walk to eat elsewhere, but I decided to add it on to my camp tuition. i can tell you right now that that was a great decision! The food is so good and all you can eat; full meals that offer you anything you’d possibly want plus it’s very convenient and more fun eating right there with your fellow campers. I’m sure I gained ten pounds and it was definitely a good value.

My classes were fun and a challenge but I found that recording the lessons on my iPad was the greatest help of all, so if your considering attending, it’s very helpful to bring a recording device (after getting the ok from my instructor that recording was ok!) I was able to come home where I had plenty of time to decipher what was taught in the comfort of my home, and spend as much time as I needed to improve each tune. There were five tunes that were harder tunes that I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be playing, and I’m proud to say I’ve learned several of them already! TIt was easy to match my videos to the tabs where I was having trouble, and then to figure the parts out.

If you’re interested in traditional bluegrass and in particular Monroe’s style which defined early bluegrass, I would highly recommend this camp.

You’ll make lifelong friends and be able to network with them afterwards for even more help. Everyone attending this camp shares our same passion and they’re just good ole bluegrass folks from around the world making it a really fun experience.

Evenings that I didn’t feel like jamming were spent at The Station Inn or other interesting Nashville sites.

I highly recommend this camp! —Raynae Redman, September 16, 2017

Diane Cross

Traveling from Australia, I’ve attended many Monroe Mandolin Camps and at every camp I’ve learnt a lot. Each time following the camp, I’ve had many hours of practice developing my skills as a mandolin player.

Tuition has been excellent featuring a diverse team of professional Mandolin players. Mike Compton, David Davis, Roland White, Skip Gorman, Richie Brown and many more, offering unique inside into the great Bill Monroe’s fundamental mandolin style. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about Bill Monroe and his history, talent, passion, contribution, motivation. After all, he was the founder of bluegrass music and “Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys.”

Luthiers attend the camp and are invaluable twerking, repairing, and attending to minor adjustments, along with gibing advice into setting up and any major repairs that your mandolin may need.

Some highlights at the Monroe Mandolin Camps have been:
Previous Bluegrass Boys musicians who played with Bill Monroe
Playing in the Country Music Hall of Fame Rotunda, representing women of Bluegrass and the Monroe Mandolin Camp (and as one of their international attendees!)

The Monroe Mandolin Camp has developed and become more inclusive of other bluegrass instruments, which is exciting, as well as incorporating other influences such as the blues, old-time mandolin, banjo and fiddle.
At every camp the food has been scrumptious and plentiful!

I love playing mandolin and through my mandolin I found Bill Monroe and a style of music which was developed by him. I would highly recommend the Monroe Mandolin Camp for enthusiastic mandolin or other bluegrass instrument players! —Diane Cross, September 17, 2017

Jan Hester

Monroe Mandolin Camp 2016 was my first experience at a music camp. As a beginning mandolin player, this camp was incredible. The instructors were so interested in helping, lending their experience to help you learn. They were always available to answer questions, show you a lick, give instruction outside of the scheduled class or just chat. The friendships and interactions with other mandolin players was awesome. And, the Camp book that contained all the instructors tunes, examples and information is a study book in itself! On top of all of this goodness, you get to meet Heidi Herzog and Mike Compton who put this all together and make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. This is a such a wonderful place to learn-no matter what your skill level! I hope ALL bluegrass music players get to experience MonManCamp! —Jan Hester, September 17, 2017

Craig Coleman

I have attended Monroe Mandolin Camp each year it has been offered. I have made life-long friends and acquaintances that love and respect the traditional, Monroe-inspired Bluegrass music that I have loved and respected, especially the mandolin playing of Bill Monroe. not only do attendees have a great time at camp, but attendees are able to push themselves to gain a better understanding of the timing, taste, excitement and subtle nuances that separate the mandolin of Bill Monroe from others. Anyone that is a fan of the rawness and vulnerability of the original Bluegrass music developed by Monroe and the music that influenced him will definitely enjoy Monroe Mandolin Camp.” —J. Craig Coleman, Ed.D., September 17, 2017

George del Porto

I have been to Monroe Mandolin Camp for three years now and love it.

Sitting around eating pizza and refreshments, jamming with Mike Compton himself, and other instructors is pretty much a high point for me!! I have many, many instructor friends, luthier friends like Paul Duff and Will Kimble, and students from USA and abroad.

I love the atmosphere of the camp. It is like a continuum between instructor and student with no distinction. It is like we are all on a path to improve our musicianship by studying Mr. MONROE’s artistry.

I have been to many camps, but have never felt so much a part of a family as I do at this camp.

See you in September! —George del Porto, September 17, 2017

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