Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program is a way to help participants reduce the cost of attending Camp, and to help management and faculty run the Camp smoothly. In exchange for volunteering for the required number of hours, the volunteer will receive a rebate of $100 of the Camp registration fee when Camp is over.

FAQs About the Volunteer Program

  1. How many hours will I need to volunteer?
    To qualify for this $100 rebate off the registration fee of Camp, you will need to volunteer for up to 6 hours during the course of Camp. These volunteer hours will not take place during classes or jams. You need to complete your volunteer assignment to receive this rebate.
  2. What will I do as a volunteer?
    A list of volunteer assignments, with examples of the types of work for each position, appears below. You may indicate your top choices, and we’ll try to accommodate your preferences.
  3. What qualifications do I need to volunteer?
    You must be at least 18 years of age. Also, you need to commit to be on time for your volunteer shifts, be helpful to others, and look for ways to solve problems. You also need to commit to not attempting any work that might be difficult for you (such as heavier lifting than you are able to do) and to letting the Volunteer Coordinator know if you are not able to perform any task assigned to you.
  4. How will my volunteer hours be chosen?
    As described below, you will send an email to the Volunteer Coordinator indicating the types of work you prefer. Unless you tell us that you’re fine with a volunteer assignment during class hours, your assignment will most likely be on Wednesday before Camp begins, daily after classes (re-setting rooms, tidying up, etc.) Saturday night before the benefit concert, or Sunday afternoon, just after Camp ends.
  5. May I volunteer for more than 6 hours?
    Yes, but $100 is the maximum rebate.
  6. May I volunteer with a friend?
    For a few of the volunteer positions, two or more volunteers work together. If you’d like to volunteer with another participant, indicate that in your email, and we’ll try to arrange it.
  7. How will I find out exactly what I’m supposed to do for my volunteer assignment?
    You will receive an email from the Volunteer Coordinator specifying your volunteer assignment, supplemented at a meeting of volunteers that will take place on the morning that Camp begins.

How to Be a Volunteer:

If you are interested in volunteering at Camp, please send an email to the Volunteer Coordinator, Heidi Herzog, at monroemandolincamp@gmail.com, with the following information:

  • Your name, address, email address, and cell phone number.
  • Your preferences for volunteer assignments (see list below)
  • Whether you will be able to be at Camp by 10:00 am on Wednesday
  • Whether you will be at Camp through Sunday at 12:00pm

Description of Volunteer Assignments

Below are volunteer assignments with examples of the type of work. Please review these descriptions before you send an email to Heidi Herzog that indicates your preferred volunteer assignments. (Please note that the information in this chart is subject to change.)

Volunteer Assignment
with Example Responsibilities
Number Volunteers
Shifts & Times (Approximate)
Set-Up Crew—Non-Heavy Lifting
Post interior signage in dorms and other buildings, carry non-heavy items from one location to another, etc.
2 Weds.
10:00 – 12:00 pm
Greet campers right after they park and direct them to the Registration area.
1 Wed., 10:00–2:00pm and 2:00–6:00pm
Registration Assistants
Register participants: Distribute name tags, tshirts, manuals, bling items, etc. Help resolve any issues that arise. Answer general question such as where buildings or activities are located on campus, hand out badges and ‘bling’ bags, direct participants to lodging, etc.
2 Weds.
Concert Assistants
Help arrange chairs for concert; assist sound person; assist MC in notifying performer that he or she is on soon or next; create list of songs being performed for sound person: door attendant to allow participants in (with badge at no fee), or to collect money for all other attendees. (All money goes to benefit the Scholarship Fund).
2 Friday
Take-Down Crew
Remove all interior signage in dorms, classrooms, etc. Check every room, including workshop rooms, dorms, cafeteria, and vendor area for any personal items that a faculty member or camper may have left behind. Give that item, along with a note of the room in which it was found, to the Executive Director
2 Sun.
12:30 – 2:30/3:00 (maybe earlier)
A ‘floater’ is a volunteer who is able either (1) to substitute for a volunteer who is unable to work his or her assigned shift, or (2) to do any type of work upon request by the Volunteer Coordinator. Floaters need to remain available by cell phone and will be notified of a work assignment by cell phone. Floaters who make themselves available at all times for up to 6 hours of volunteer work, will be given credit for completing the volunteer assignment even if not called upon to work. Floaters need to be available during class hours and jam hours.
1 No specific assignment


If you have any questions about volunteering, please email the Camp Volunteer Coordinator, Heidi Herzog call 714-553-4433.

Monroe Mandolin Camp is a non-profit corporation committed to preserving the legacy of Bill Monroe’s music.