Apprentice Program

The Monroe Mandolin Camp (MMC)  Apprenticeship program was created for aspiring bluegrass music students interested in pursuing a teaching career, to gain hands on experience with professionals in their fields, and the opportunity to observe and assist in the music classroom process from start to finish.  Paired with an experienced master artist, the apprentice will be immersed in a hands on learning experience, in a traditional context.

MMC Apprentices will make valuable connections and develop career skills by working with master teachers, participating in group instructional jams, working with our youth groups, and multiple teaching opportunities.  While at MMC, all apprentices will have the opportunity to work with creative team members and will attend daily classes and special seminars taught by MMC staff and other leading industry professionals.

Students preparing for careers as instructing musicians in the bluegrass music industry are welcome to apply.

The program is intended to encourage and spread the growing enthusiasm of young people for bluegrass music, and connect them with the musical and cultural traditions of bluegrass music as created by Bill Monroe.  It is through the passing of the torch from master to apprentice, who will then carry these traditions on in their own lives and communities.  The apprenticeship program is intended to honor Bill Monroe’s remarkable lifetime contribution to bluegrass music and his mentorship of so many.

The Details:

  • The apprenticeship program is primarily aimed at young adult students or teaching assistants, ages 15 to 30, who are progressing well in their chosen instrument or art and are ready to commit to digging deep into the tradition.
  • Applicants should choose a potential mentor from among the MMC staff and visiting masters, past and present,  and should consider as specifically as possible what skills they would like to gain during their apprenticeship study.  The schedule of meeting and classes will be discussed and finalized prior to camp.
  • In addition to work with the mentor, the mentor and apprentice may also perform or lead workshops together.
  • Application deadline: JUNE 30
  • All recipients will receive a stipend and/or partial tuition scholarship.
  • Applications for apprenticeships are welcome from any country.

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