About MonManCamp

The Monroe Music Camp – where legends pass the torch to the next generation of players.  Offering the finest instruction of original and  traditional first generation Bluegrass on Mandolin, Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar, Upright Bass, Songwriting, Old-Time, and Harmony Singing, our instructors, Blue Grass Boys, Special Guest Presenters, Luthiers, support musicians and staff provide a full immersion, hands-on, in-depth learning and playing experience.  Committed to building community around the world, as well as platforms and connections for the next generation of young musicians, the MonManCamp presents programs that ensure the continuation of this truly original American musical form called Bluegrass music.  #Building Community Thru Music.

MonManCamp is the only camp in the world that offers this disciplined instructional approach by focusing on the groundbreaking, innovative music, created and developed by Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys, plus the music that influenced them. It’s all Monroe, all the time!

“Those folks who want Monroe and traditional bluegrass are very particular, and that’s what we the staff have been trying to preserve for them. Monroephiles are no different than members of any other group in that their energy, attention, and emotions are heavily invested in this vein; they know what they like and don’t spend a lot of time noodling around elsewhere.  It is a different style of playing and is not easily understood, adapted to, or mastered.  For those of us who love it, it is of no concern that some look upon this  “old style”  as outdated and simple-minded–Monroephiles like the brand pure to the bone and MMC allows us to practice and play with others of like-mind and commitment.”  – Mike Compton

Wall of Fame

A look back at our incredible staff of instructors, luthiers, special presenters, and original Blue Grass Boys over the years:

Original Blue Grass Boys: Roland White, Tom Ewing, Blake Williams, Mark Hembree, Glen Duncan, Byron Berline, Bob Black, Butch Robins, Robert Bowlin, Bobby Hicks, Mark Kuykendall, Mike Bub, Buddy Spicher, and James Monroe

Instructors, Presenters, Zoom Guest Artists, Luthiers: Mike Compton, Norman & Nancy Blake, David Davis, Skip Gorman, Butch Robins, John Keith, Tim Stafford, Mark Royal, Casey Campbell, Chris Henry, Jesse Brock, Paul Duff, Will Kimble, Raymond Huffmaster, Mississippi Chris Sharp, Kathy Kallick, Tammy King, Charlie Cushman, Todd Phillips, Aynsley Porchak, Frank Solivan, Tony Williamson, Richie Brown, Jen Larson, Lauren Price, Sharon Gilchrist, Alan O’Bryant, Jeff Burke, Vickie Vaughn, Kimber Ludiker, Adam Tanner, Walter Carter, Martin Fisher, Ron Block, Lynn Dudenbostel, Richie Brown, Katelyn Buckley, Brian Christianson, Doyle Lawson, Lincoln Hensley, Corrina Rose Logston, Daniel Patrick (Mandolins & Beer), Jeremy Stephens, Rich del Grosso, Jim Watson, Tom Ellis, Caleb Klauder, Jody Stecher, Alan Munde, Matt Flinner, Matt Combs, Robert Montgomery, Beth Lawrence, Richard Bailey, Laura Orshaw, Cary Black, Alan Bibey, Chris Jones, Carl Jones, Laurelyn Dossett, and Silas Powell.

Ambassador Program

Our “MMC Ambassador Program” connects camp first timers, beginners to playing, and newbies to bluegrass music with a ‘seasoned’ camper. It’s a one-on-one opportunity for connection, to help answer questions about camp, learn the ropes the first day at camp, or to just talk about Bluegrass.

Anyone signing up for camp can get connected. We have a whole host of available guy and gal alumni! When you sign up, we’ll email you about connecting with one of them. ‘Paying it forward’ is just another thing we love about this group.

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility & Inclusion Statement

MMC’s leadership, board and staff are committed to creating a learning environment that meets the needs of its diverse body as well as engaging people who are underrepresented and underserved.   Traditionally underserved populations include people who lack access to arts programs, services, and resources for geographic, economic, cultural, social, physical, or other demonstrable reasons.  Populations include people of color, children, women, seniors, people living with disabilities and/or people living in rural areas of isolated settings.  MMC is committed to an accessible website by delivering a universally accessible user experience based on requirements detailed in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Gift Certificates

GIVE THE GIFT OF MUSIC!  If you are interested in gifting this musical immersion experience as a gift (birthday, holiday, just because), send an email to monroemandolincamp@gmail.com.