Diane Cross

Traveling from Australia, I’ve attended many Monroe Mandolin Camps and at every camp I’ve learnt a lot. Each time following the camp, I’ve had many hours of practice developing my skills as a mandolin player.

Tuition has been excellent featuring a diverse team of professional Mandolin players. Mike Compton, David Davis, Roland White, Skip Gorman, Richie Brown and many more, offering unique inside into the great Bill Monroe’s fundamental mandolin style. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about Bill Monroe and his history, talent, passion, contribution, motivation. After all, he was the founder of bluegrass music and “Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys.”

Luthiers attend the camp and are invaluable twerking, repairing, and attending to minor adjustments, along with gibing advice into setting up and any major repairs that your mandolin may need.

Some highlights at the Monroe Mandolin Camps have been:
Previous Bluegrass Boys musicians who played with Bill Monroe
Playing in the Country Music Hall of Fame Rotunda, representing women of Bluegrass and the Monroe Mandolin Camp (and as one of their international attendees!)

The Monroe Mandolin Camp has developed and become more inclusive of other bluegrass instruments, which is exciting, as well as incorporating other influences such as the blues, old-time mandolin, banjo and fiddle.
At every camp the food has been scrumptious and plentiful!

I love playing mandolin and through my mandolin I found Bill Monroe and a style of music which was developed by him. I would highly recommend the Monroe Mandolin Camp for enthusiastic mandolin or other bluegrass instrument players! —Diane Cross, September 17, 2017