Mission Statement

Preserving and Promoting the Music and Cultural Heritage of Authentic First Generational Bluegrass

The Monroe Mandolin Camp (MMC) is the premiere global destination for music lovers of all generations that inspires, educates and transforms your appreciation of Bluegrass music.  Our mission is to educate the world, preserve the legacy and celebrate the creative role Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys played in founding a ‘new’ American genre of  music called “Bluegrass”.

We are committed to building community from around the world through presenting a variety of programs and events, as well as forging platforms and connections for the next generation of musicians.

  • Preserve the music created and recorded by Bill Monroe
  • Use the transformative power of music to foster relationships while building communities worldwide
  • Educate contemporary music enthusiasts about fundamental building blocks, stylistic elements, and techniques that are unique to this music
  • Present a curriculum that forwards an understanding of the players and culture that created Bluegrass music
Additional benefits of our programs include:
  • Cultivating Creativity through collaboration;
  • Cultivating Self-Compassion & a Resilient Spirit by encouraging participants in letting go of perfectionism and taking a journey based upon one note, one tune, or one song at a time;
  • Cultivating Brain Development via self-assessment, critical thinking skills, engagement of non-verbal brain activities for fine motor skills, mathematical reasoning (via chord progressions, rhythm, melodic intervals, etc.);
  • Cultivating folklore, or the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of this bluegrass community passed through the generations by word of mouth;
  • Cultivating Connection via:
    • facilitating cross-generational gatherings and one generation passing it down to the next;
    • laughter and joy through music;
    • continuation and longevity of this music by growing the branches of future players and appreciators;
    • using the stories and roots of bluegrass music with all of its rich history, context, narratives of hardships, triumphs, and musical history to demonstrate our connectedness and shared similarities.

Music – the universal language of mankind.