Eleventh Annual MonManCamp

images 2015 from Monroe Mandolin Camp

SEPTEMBER 4 – 8, 2024

Southwest VA Higher Education Center, Abingdon, VA

Howdy folks. Welcome to another chapter of the Monroe Mandolin Camp!

The theme for year 11 is “The Old Lonesome Sound of the 70’s and 80’s”, and reflects a very intoxicating slice of Monroe’s repertoire that illustrates his fascination with major, minor, and modal sounds and how they work with both Major and minor chord forms.  Some of Bill’s most beautiful and intricate works lie here in this slice of his career.  Many are 3 and 4-part instrumentals such as “Ebenezer Scrooge”, “Trail of Tears”, “Land of Lincoln”, and so many more.  Bill mined these ideas on into the last years of his life, so we have plenty to work with.

The MMC instructors are stellar once again, with some new faces that we’re sure you’ll be mighty happy to learn from, then sit side-by-side in the jams.  I once heard an old street musician refer to some fellow players he knew as being ‘tried and qualified’, and I can promise you this group fits that description in spades.  We have plenty of classes to choose from no matter what your musical inclination, and a few special presentations that you’ll want a front row seat.  And as an added bonus, the pig roast looks like it’s going to happen this year, so bring a bib and an appetite!

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I want to say here how proud I am with what I heard last year.  There is ample evidence of the power of this music and community by what you are bringing out of your instruments and your souls.  There could be no greater reward than this.  Each year I hear back from campers as well as instructors saying that those you come are “people who know what they want and are both eager and aren’t afraid of learning new things!” MMC truly is a community of people who just love the old sounds, and enjoy an easy hang with like minded enthusiasts!

So come join us!  We’re looking mighty forward to jumping into the fray again this year and seeing old pals (whether your 11th time or your 1st) and playing some new old tunes.

Life is good.
Mike Compton, Music Director

When you sign-up, you get full access to the following…

  • World Class Instructors who understand the music, culture, folkloric stories, and the traditions that make up original, traditional Bluegrass music.
  • 100-Plus Classes for Mandolin, Fiddle, Banjo, Harmony Singing, Guitar, Upright Bass, Old-Time Mandolin, and Songwriting. You may take classes on any and all instruments—you are not tied down to just one track. If your car is big enough, bring them all! (Fiddle and Banjo classes are structured for the intermediate player level and above.)
  • Special Guests, Presentations, and Activities: This year we are thrilled to announce a very special afternoon presentation with none other than Wayne Henderson, Paul Duff, and Will Kimble. Wayne will be pulling double duty and teaching a few guitar classes as well.
  • 2nd Annual Mando-Tasting: This was such an incredible success last year, we’ll be having another Mando-Tasting this year…where the instructors pick, talk about, and play choose from the mando-candy shop of camper instruments! We are also doing a “Mando Tasting” on Wednesday…where instructors will choose from the smorgasbord of camper instruments, talk about them, and then play them.  It was quite the event last year where there were 30 plus mando’s patiently waiting to be played!
  • Electives: Daily Yoga and Stretching for Injury Prevention in The Care of A Musician, String Changing 101, Student Ensemble Showcase
  • Daily Instructor-Led Jams with additional instrumental support. Jams are organized into all levels, including novice/beginner, slow, intermediate, fast, and old-time.
  • 2024 MonManCamp Manual Support materials/handouts for every class are bound and pre-printed into a custom bespoke camp manual book. This resource book contains all music tablature, notation, links to instructor tutorial videos, and additional resource materials presented during camp, and includes class schedules, class descriptions, venue maps, etc.
  • A Night of Monroe’s Bluegrass Classics Instructor Concert, TBD
  • Hot catered meals and nearby lodging to our venue reserved for exclusive use by MMC participants only. No curfew times for jamming…your the two biggest decisions are which classes to choose, and how much sleep you need!
  • Over $5,000 of Scholarship money to be awarded!
  • Member’s Only Group: Once registered you’ll be invited to join a group for members only. It offers additional community support, and learning opportunities, including zoom gatherings,  and special events with guest artists, discussing various music-related topics.
  • A community of like-minded musicians who are supportive, encouraging, and have a great time together!