Mississippi Chris Sharp

MS-ChrisSinger/Songwriter and Silver Wolf Records recording artist, Mississippi Chris Sharp was born under the influence and musical heritage of Jimmie Rodgers in Meridian, Mississippi—their shared home town.

He was an original cast member and technical/post-production producer on the the long-runnng Sucarnochee Revue, a live-music variety show featured on Mississippi and Alabama Public Radio and Television. In addition to hosting on other radio stations around the country, he worked the stage with his Jang-A-Lang String Band, a funky mix of old country, country blues, bluegrass and original music for over a decade.

His latest CD, Redbugs, on the Silver Wolf label, features live recordings from the stage of The Sucarnochee Revue.

Mississippi Chris is currently performing with his daughter, Piper, playing original music and reviving brother duets they both love—The Monroes, Louvins, Delmores—and exploring the joys of family duet harmony from their home in Porterville, Mississippi.

Raymond Huffmaster

Raymond HuffmasterA guitar rhythm hoss who played with the Osborne Brothers, Raymond Huffmaster also was friends with Monroe, Baker and the Blue Grass Boys. A man with a heart the size of the sun, Raymond will sit and pick a tune with you, tell you stories lived at Bean Blossom with Monroe, Baker and the Boys, and back you up like nobody’s business. We are proud to have Raymond with us.