Monroe’s Original Music

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Thanks to Neil V. Rosenberg and Charles K. Wolfe for their exhaustive research in The Music of Bill Monroe, University of Illinois Press, 2007 (highly recommended for any Monroe nerd!) If we’ve missed something—lots of private recordings exist out there—or if you have corrections, don’t hesitate to let us know!


Title Written By Category First
A Voice from on High Bill Monroe, Bessie Lee Maudlin Gospel 1954-01-14
Along about Daybreak Bill Monroe Song 1947-10-28
Ashland Breakdown Bill Monroe Fiddle 1975-03-10
Baker’s Breakdown Kenny Baker, Bill Monroe Fiddle 1962-12-06
Baptize Me in the Cumberland River Bill Monroe Gospel 1982-07-04
Beyond the Gate Jake Landers, Bill Monroe Gospel 1970-03-26
Big Ball in Brooklyn traditional Bill Monroe Song 1962-04-26
Big Mon Bill Monroe Fiddle 1958-12-01
Big Sandy River Kenny Baker, Bill Monroe Fiddle 1962-12-06
Big Spring Bill Monroe Fiddle
Bill’s Dream Bill Monroe Fiddle 1964-02-03
Billy in the Lowground traditional Bill Monroe Fiddle
Blue Moon of Kentucky Bill Monroe Song 1946-09-16
Bluegrass Breakdown Bill Monroe Fiddle 1947-10-27 “Blue Grass Breakdown”
Bluegrass Part 1 (Bluegrass Twist) Bill Monroe Fiddle 1960-11-30 “Blue Grass Part 1”
Bluegrass Ramble Bill Monroe Fiddle 1950-02-03 “Blue Grass Ramble”
Bluegrass Special Bill Monroe Fiddle 1945-02-13 “Blue Gras Special”
Bluegrass Stomp Bill Monroe Fiddle 1949-10-22 “Blue Grass Stomp”
Blues for Casey C. Bill Monroe Song 1995-03-20
Bluest Man in Town Bill Monroe Song 1985-06-17
Brown County Breakdown Bill Monroe Fiddle 1955-09-16
California Forest Fire Bill Monroe Fiddle
Call of the Shepherd Bill Monroe Fiddle 1982-07-04 “Little Shepherd”
Can’t You Hear Me Callin’ Bill Monroe Song 1949-10-22
Cheap Love Affair Bill Monroe, Chuck Carson Song 1962-04-25
Cheyenne Bill Monroe Fiddle 1954-12-31
Chilly Winds of Shannon Bill Monroe Fiddle 1995-03-20
Close By Bill Monroe, Robert Van Winkle Song 1954-06-26
Come Back to Me in My Dreams Bill Monroe Song 1945-02-13
Come Go with Me Bill Monroe Song 1959-11-25
Come Hither to Go Yonder Bill Monroe Fiddle 1990-06-16 “Go Hither to Go Yonder”
Country Waltz Bill Monroe Song 1952-07-18
Cripple Creek Bill Monroe Fiddle 1969-04-29
Crossing the Cumberlands Bill Monroe Fiddle 1968-11-14
Dancin’ in Brancin Bill Monroe Fiddle 1986-03-17 “Dancin’ in Branson”
Dark as the Night, Blue as the Day Bill Monroe Song 1959-01-30
Don’t Put Off Til Tomorrow Bill Monroe, Pete Pyle Gospel 1952-07-18
East Tennessee Blues Bill Monroe Fiddle 1964-10-31
Ebenezer Scrooge Bill Monroe Fiddle 1983-12-15 “Old Ebenezer Scrooge”
Evening Prayer Blues Bill Monroe, DeFord Baily Fiddle 1981-02-19
Fair Play Bill Monroe Fiddle 1981-02-04
Farewell to Long Hollow Bill Monroe Fiddle “Monroe’s Farewell to Long Hollow”
Fiddler’s Pastime Bill Monroe Song 1976-03-29
Flowers of Love Bill Monroe Song 1960-11-30
Foggy Morning in Morehead Bill Monroe Fiddle
Friday Night at the Opry Bill Monroe Fiddle 1993-11-14
Frog on a Lily Pad Bill Monroe Fiddle 1992-03-03 “Frog on the Lily Pad”
Get Down on Your Knees and Pray Bill Monroe Gospel 1951-07-06
Get Up John Bill Monroe Fiddle 1953-11-28
Gnaw Bone Bill Monroe Fiddle
He’ll Take You In Bill Monroe Gospel 1990-06-02
Heavy Traffic Ahead Bill Monroe Song 1946-09-16
Highway of Sorrow Bill Monroe Song 1951-04-23
Honky Tonk Swing Bill Monroe Fiddle 1941-10-02
I Am Thinking Tonight of the Old Folks Monroe Brothers Song 1936-10-12
I Believed in You Darling Bill Monroe Song 1954-01-07
I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling Bill Monroe Song 1947-10-27
I Hope You Have Learned Bill Monroe Song 1953-11-28
I Love the State of Virginia Bill Monroe Song 1986-03-18 vocal solo!
I Want to Go with You Bill Monroe Song 1968-11-14
I Was Left on the Street Chuck Carson, Bill Monroe Song 1962-04-25 “Walk Softly on My Heart”
I’d Love to Be Over Yonder Bill Monroe Fiddle 1994-07-00 “I’d Like to Be Over Yonder”
I’ll Live On Thomas J. Laney, Monroe Brothers Gospel 1937-02-15
I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome Bill Monroe, Hank Williams Song 1950-02-03
I’m Coming Back But I Don’t Know When Bill Monroe Song 1976-02-09
I’m Going Back to Old Kentucky Bill Monroe Song 1947-10-27
I’m On My Way to the Old Home Bill Monroe Song 1938-01-28 “I’m On My Way Back To The Old Home”
I’m Travelin’ On and On Bill Monroe Gospel 1947-10-28
In Despair Bill Monroe Song 1957-05-15
It’s Mighty Dark to Travel Bill Monroe Song 1947-10-27 “Mighty Dark to Travel”
Jack Across the Way Bill Monroe Fiddle 1994-01-09
Jekyll Island Bill Monroe Fiddle 1986-03-17
Jemison Breakdown Bill Monroe Fiddle
Jerusalem Ridge Bill Monroe Fiddle 1975-03-10
Journey’s End Bill Monroe Song 1961-11-30
Just a Song of Old Kentucky Monroe Brothers Song 1936-06-21
Kentucky Mandolin Bill Monroe, Herschel Sizemore Fiddle 1964-04-18
Kentucky Waltz Bill Monroe Song 1945-02-13
Ladies on a Steamboat traditional Bill Monroe Fiddle
Lady of the Blue Ridge Bill Monroe Fiddle 1981-02-19
Land of Lincoln Bill Monroe Fiddle 1969-11-25
Last Old Dollar Bill Monroe Song 1964-02-03
Legend of the Blue Ridge Mountains Bill Monroe Song 1964-01-28
Let the Gates Swing Wide Bill Monroe Gospel 1985-06-10
Letter from My Darling Bill Monroe Song 1951-01-20
Little Cabin Home on the Hill Lester Flatt, Bill Monroe Song 1947-10-27
Little Cabin Home on the Hill Lester Flatt, Bill Monroe Song 1947-10-27
Little Community Church Lester Flatt, Bill Monroe Gospel 1946-12-00
Little Red Shoes traditional Monroe Brothers Song 1936-02-17
Lochwood Bill Monroe Fiddle 1981-02-04 “Lockwood”
Lonesome Moonlight Waltz Bill Monroe Fiddle 1964-04-18
Lord, Protect My Soul Bill Monroe Gospel 1950-10-15
Louisville Breakdown Bill Monroe Fiddle 1964-04-09
Lucky Lady Bill Monroe Fiddle 1976-10-21
Mansions for Me Bill Monroe Gospel 1946-09-16
Mary Jane Won’t You Be Mine Bill Monroe Song 1975-03-11 “Mary Jane Will You Be Mine”
Melissa’s Waltz for LB. Bill Monroe Fiddle 1981-02-19
Memories of Mother and Dad Bill Monroe Song 1952-07-18
Memories of You Bill Monroe Song 1950-02-03
Midnight in Rosine Bill Monroe Fiddle
Milenburg Joy Bill Monroe Fiddle 1971-01-20
Mississippi Waltz Kenny Baker, Bill Monroe? Fiddle 1976-03-29
Monroe’s Blues Bill Monroe Fiddle 1976-10-21
Monroe’s Hornpipe Bill Monroe Fiddle 1958-12-01
Mother’s Only Sleeping Bill Monroe Song 1946-09-16
Music Valley Waltz Bill Monroe, John Hartford Song 1986-03-17
My Dying Bed Bill Monroe Song 1952-07-18
My Father’s Footsteps Bill Monroe Fiddle 1994-10-30
My Florida Sunshine Bill Monroe Song 1977-07-28
My Last Days On Earth Bill Monroe Fiddle 1981-02-19
My Last Moving Day Monroe Brothers Gospel 1937-08-08
My Little Georgia Rose Bill Monroe Song 1950-02-03
My Long Journey Home traditional Monroe Brothers Song 1936-02-17
My Louisiana Love Bill Monroe Song 1976-10-21
My Old Kentucky And You Bill Monroe Song 1972-03-21
My Rose Of Old Kentucky Bill Monroe Song 1947-10-27
My Savior’s Train Monroe Brothers Gospel 1936-10-12
My Sweet Memory Bill Monroe Song 1977-07-27
Never Leave The A String Bill Monroe Fiddle 1990-07-00
New John Henry Blues Bill Monroe Song 1954-01-07
No One But My Darlin’ Bill Monroe Song 1958-12-01
No Place To Pillow My Head traditional Lester Flatt, Bill Monroe Song 1976-10-20
Northern White Clouds Bill Monroe Fiddle 1989-05-11
Oh, Hide You In The Blood Monroe Brothers Gospel 1937-02-15
Old Brown County Barn Bill Monroe Fiddle 1985-06-17
Old Daingerfield Bill Monroe Fiddle 1981-02-04 “Old Dangerfield”
Old Ebenezer Scrooge Bill Monroe Fiddle 1981-02-03 “Ebenezer Scrooge”
Old Lonesome Waltz Bill Monroe Song 1994-10-30
Old Riverman Bill Monroe, John Hartford Song 1981-01-06
Old Tennessee River Bill Monroe Fiddle 1995-03-20
On And On Bill Monroe Song 1954-01-07
On The Old Kentucky Shore Bill Monroe Song 1951-01-20
One Finger Blues Bill Monroe Fiddle
Orange Blossom Breakdown Bill Monroe Fiddle
Out In The Cold World Bill Monroe Song 1957-05-15
Owensboro Bill Monroe Fiddle
Ozark Rag Bill Monroe Fiddle 1987-06-09
Panhandle Country Bill Monroe Fiddle 1958-04-08
Pike County Breakdown Rupert Jones, Bill Monroe? Fiddle 1952-07-26
Pilgrim’s Knob Bill Monroe Fiddle
Playing for the Old Folks Bill Monroe Fiddle
Pocahontas Bill Monroe Fiddle 1990-07-00
Poor White Folks traditional Bill Monroe Fiddle 1971-01-15
Pretty Fair Maiden In The Garden Bill Monroe Song 1963-07-27
Rawhide Bill Monroe Fiddle 1951-01-20 “Raw Hide”
Reelfoot Reel Bill Monroe Fiddle
Right, Right On Bill Monroe Fiddle 1981-02-03
River Of Death Bill Monroe Gospel 1950-10-15
Road to Columbus Bill Monroe Fiddle
Roane County Prison Bill Monroe Song 1957-05-15
Roanoke Bill Monroe Fiddle 1954-12-31
Rocky Road Blues Bill Monroe Song 1945-02-13
Roxanna Waltz Bill Monroe Fiddle 1994-01-09
Sally-Jo Bill Monroe Song 1957-12-15
Salt Creek traditional Bill Monroe, Bill Keith Fiddle 1963-03-20
Santa Claus Bill Monroe Fiddle 1963-03-27
Scotland Bill Monroe Fiddle 1958-04-08
She’s Young and I’m Growing Old Bill Monroe Song 1977-07-27
Shenandoah Breakdown Bill Monroe Fiddle 1963-03-27
Shine Hallaluiah Shine Bill Monroe Gospel 1946-12-00
Shining Path Bill Monroe Gospel 1946-09-17
Sitting Alone in the Moonlight Bill Monroe Song 1954-01-08
Six Feet Under the Ground Bill Monroe Song 1978-01-24
Six Months Ain’t Long Monroe Brothers Song 1936-06-21
Smoky Mountain Schottische traditional Bill Monroe Fiddle 1992-03-03
Southern Flavor Bill Monroe Fiddle 1988-01-04
Stay Away from Me Bill Monroe Song 1986-03-17
Stone Coal Bill Monroe Fiddle 1988-01-05
Stoney Lonesome Bill Monroe Fiddle 1959-01-30
Sugar Loaf Mountain Bill Monroe Fiddle 1988-01-08
Summertime Is Past and Gone Bill Monroe Song 1946-09-16
Sweet Blue-Eyed Darling Bill Monroe Song 1976-10-20 “My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darling” and “My Sweet Darling”
Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong Bill Monroe, Lester Flatt Song 1947-10-27
Tall Timber Bill Monroe Fiddle 1955-09-16
Tallahassee Bill Monroe Fiddle 1970-12-03
Tanyards Bill Monroe Fiddle 1994-10-30
Tennessee Blues Bill Monroe Fiddle 1940-10-07
Texas Blue Bonnet Bill Monroe Fiddle 1977-07-25
Texas Lone Star Bill Monroe Fiddle 1986-03-18
That Home Above Bill Monroe Gospel 1947-10-28
The Country Waltz Bill Monroe Song
The First Whippoorwill Bill Monroe Song 1951-10-28
The Gold Rush Bill Monroe, Byron Berline Fiddle 1967-08-23
The Golden West Bill Monroe Fiddle 1985-06-17
The Long Bow Bill Monroe Fiddle 1986-03-18
The Old Cross Road Bill Monroe Gospel 1936-10-12 “The Old Crossroads”
The Old Kentucky Blues Bill Monroe Song 1994-11-30
The Old Mountaineer Bill Monroe Fiddle 1979-06-16
The One I Love Is Gone Bill Monroe Song
The Sunset Trail Bill Monroe Song 1977-07-25
Tokyo Moonlight Waltz Bill Monroe Fiddle
Tombstone Junction Bill Monroe Fiddle 1990-06-15
Tomorrow I’ll Be Gone Bill Monroe Song 1959-01-30
Toy Heart Bill Monroe Song 1946-09-16
Trail of Tears Bill Monroe Fiddle
Trombolin Bill Monroe Fiddle
True Life Blues Bill Monroe Song 1945-02-13
Two Finger Waltz Bill Monroe Song 1994-05-22
Uncle Pen Bill Monroe Song 1950-10-15
Up In Front, Out in the Back Bill Monroe Fiddle
Used to Be (I’m Just a) Bill Monroe, Doc Watson Song 1955-09-16
Virginia Darlin’ Bill Monroe Fiddle 1967-08-23
Walk Softly on This Heart of Mine Jake Landers, Bill Monroe Song 1969-10-28
Walls Of Time Peter Rowan, Bill Monroe Song 1965-07-24
Watson’s Blues Bill Monroe Fiddle 1966-08-26
What Would You Give in Exchange—Part 3 Monroe Brothers Gospel 1937-08-03
What Would You Give in Exchange—Part 4 Monroe Brothers Gospel 1937-08-03
What Would You Give in Exchangel—Part 2 Monroe Brothers Gospel 1937-08-03
Wheel Hoss Bill Monroe Fiddle 1954-12-31
When The Golden Leaves Begin To Fall Bill Monroe Song 1950-10-15
When you Are Lonely Lester Flatt, Bill Monroe Song 1947-10-28
When you Are Lonely Lester Flatt, Bill Monroe Song 1947-10-28
Why Did You Wander? Lester Flatt, Bill Monroe Song 1946-09-16
Why Did You Wander? Lester Flatt, Bill Monroe Song 1946-09-16
Wishing Waltz Bill Monroe Song 1953-11-28
Wolf Trap Blues Bill Monroe Fiddle
Woodstock Hornpipe Bill Monroe Fiddle 1995-03-20
You Live In A World All Your Own Bill Monroe Song 1960-11-30
You’re Drifting Away Bill Monroe Gospel 1951-07-06