Songs & Tunes Monroe Covered

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Again, thanks to Neil V. Rosenberg and Charles K. Wolfe for their exhaustive research in The Music of Bill Monroe, University of Illinois Press, 2007 (highly recommended for any Monroe nerd!) If we’ve missed something—lots of private recordings exist out there—or if you have corrections, don’t hesitate to let us know!


Title Written By Category First
A Beautiful Life William Lee Golden Gospel 1/28/38
A Fallen Star Ferlin Husky or James Joiner Song 4/20/57
A Good Woman’s Love Hank Locklin or Cy Coben Song 5/14/57
A Lonesome Road Joe Earl Stuart, Jr. Song 12/15/57
A Mighty Pretty Waltz Norman Gimbel, Bill Carrigan Song 7/26/52
Alabama Waltz Hank Williams Song 2/3/50
All the Good Times Are Passed and Gone traditional Bob Pegg Song 8/3/37 “All the Good Times Are Past and Gone”
Angels Rock Me to Sleep traditional Gospel 3/17/51
Are You Lost in Sin? Jim & Jesse Gospel 6/12/90
Back Up and Push traditional Gid Tanner &The Skillet Lickers Fiddle 10/2/41
Banks of the Ohio Red Patterson’s Piedmont Log Rollers Song 5/17/63 “On the Banks of the Ohio”
Ben Dewbery’s Final Run Andrew Jenkins Song 4/23/51
Big Ball in Brooklyn traditional Bill Monroe Song 4/26/62
Big River Johnny Cash Song 11/30/60
Billy in the Lowground traditional Bill Monroe Fiddle
Black Oak Blake Williams Fiddle
Blue Eyes from Heaven Diana Christian Song 5/11/89
Blue Goose traditional Buddy Thomas Fiddle 7/27/77
Blue Night Kirk McGee Song 1/23/67
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues George Reneau Song 5/3/62
Blue Savannah Waltz Wayne Jerrolds Song 1/12/88
Blue Yodel No. 4 Jimmie Rodgers Song 9/16/46
Blue Yodel No. 7″ (Anniversary Blue Yodel) Jimmie Rodgers Song 10/2/41
Boat of Love J.W. Smith Gospel 4/8/50
Boatin’ Up Sandy Owen “Snake” Chapman Fiddle 1975-06-00
Bonny Juanita Southern, James Monroe?, Uncle Pen Vandiver Song 12/17/69
Boston Boy traditional Fiddle 1/9/94
Brakeman’s Blues Jimmie Rodgers Song 3/29/51
Brand New Shoes Lester Blackwell Song 12/15/57
Bringing in the Georgia Mail Fred Rose Song 2/9/76
Bugle Call Rag Friars Society Orchestra Fiddle 12/4/61
Cabin of Love Birch Monroe Song 7/6/51
California Blues Jimmie Rodgers Song
Candy Gal traditional Uncle Pen Vandiver Fiddle 10/28/69
Careless Love W.C. Handy Song 1946-13-00
Carroll County Blues Narmour & Smith Fiddle 1975-06-00
Changing Partners Larry Coleman, Joe Darion Song 1/8/54
Charleston No.1 Narmour & Smith Fiddle
Chicken Reel traditional Fiddle 5/17/63
Christmas Time’s a-Coming Tex Logan Song 10/28/51
Cindy traditional Song 12/10/62
Clinging to a Saving Hand Bill Mack Gospel 3/10/75
Columbus Stockade Blues Darby, Tarlton Song 4/26/62
Comin’ Down from Boston traditional Song 1975-06-00
Corrina, Corrina traditional Song 1/30/78
Cotton Eyed Joe traditional Dyke’s Magic City Trio Song 6/17/65
Cotton Fields Leadbelly Song 11/30/61
Cry, Cry Darlin’ J.D. Miller, Jimmy C. Newman Song 5/14/57
Cryin’ Holy Unto the Lord traditional Gospel 10/7/40
Cumbertand Gap traditional Song 1975-06-00
Danny Boy (unknown), Ernestine Schumann-Heink Song 1961-11-31
Dark Hollow Bill Browning Song 11/16/63
Darling Corey traditional Song 6/21/36
Dear Old Dixie Flatt & Scruggs Song 12/13/74
Devil’s Dream traditional Fiddle 3/20/63
Dixon County Rag Arthur Smith Fiddle 1975-06-00
Do You Call That Religion traditional Birmingham Jubilee singers? Gospel 6/21/36
Dog House Blues J.L. Frank, Pee Wee King Song 10/7/40
Doin’ My Time Jimmie Skinner Song 5/17/75
Don’t Forget Me (Little Darlin’) The Carter Family Song 6/21/36
Done Gone traditional Song
Down in the Willow Garden traditional Song 2/9/76
Down Memory Lane Charlie Monroe Song 2/9/76
Down Yonder L.W. Gilbert Song 6/17/73
Dreaming of a Little Cabin Albert E. Brumley Song 11/16/63
Drifting Too Far from the Shore Charles E. Moody Gospel 2/17/36
Drunken Hiccups traditional Fiddle
Durang’s Hornpipe traditional Hoffmaster Fiddle 7/4/69
Dusty Miller Arthur Smith Fiddle 12/6/66
Eight Miles from Louisville traditional Song
Farewell Blues Paul Mares, Leon Roppolo, Elmer Schoebel Fiddle 7/7/90
Farther Along traditional Gospel 11/23/62 “Farther On”
Feast Here Tonight The Prairie Ramblers Song 5/14/63 “Have a Feast Here Tonight” and “Rabbit in the Log”
Festival Waltz Kenny Baker Fiddle 5/17/75
Fiddlers Blues Arthur Smith Fiddle 3/20/95
Fire on the Mountain traditional Fiddle 5/17/63
Fireball Mail Fred Rose (Floyd Jenkins) Fiddle 3/26/69
Flint Hill Special Flatt & Scruggs Fiddle 5/17/75
Flop Eared Mule traditional Fiddle 1975-06-00
Florida Blues Arthur Smith Fiddle 1975-06-00
Foggy Mountain Breakdown Earl Scruggs Fiddle 12/15/83
Foggy Mountain Top A.P. Carter Song 8/31/64 “On Some Foggy Mountain Top”
Foggy River Fred Rose Song 5/3/62
Footprints in the Snow traditional Rupert Jones, Miller Song 2/13/45
Four Walls Jim Reeves Song 4/20/57
Fraulein Bobby Helms or Lawton Williams? Song 5/17/75
Galley Nipper traditional Fiddle 3/3/92
Give Me Wings Kye Fleming, Don Schlitz or Gerald Evans? Gospel 1/14/88
God Holds the Future in His Hands James Rowe, James D. Vaughan Gospel 6/21/36
Going Across the Sea traditional Song 6/19/89
Going Home Carl Tipton Gospel 5/16/62
Going Up Caney Uncle Pen Vandiver Fiddle 11/25/69
Golden River Stuart Hamblen Song 2/8/78
Goodbye Maggie J. Guest (M.M. Cole songbook) Song 1/28/38
Goodbye Old Pal traditional Cliff Carlisle Song 2/13/45 “Old Pal of Mine”
Gotta Travel On Paul Clayton Song 12/1/58
Grey Eagle traditional Fiddle 7/24/65 “The Old Gray Eagle”
Halfway to Morehead Song 1990-07-00
Happy Birthday traditional Song 6/16/90
Happy on My Way Pete Pyle Song 1/14/54
Harbor of Love The Stanley Brothers Song 5/21/90
Hard Times Have Been Here Damon Black Song 1/24/78
He Will Set Your Fields on Fire traditional Gospel 8/3/37
Heel and Toe Polka traditional Fiddle 1/20/71
House of Gold Hank Williams Gospel 3/21/58
How Old Are You My Pretty Little Miss? traditional Song 7/4/69
How Will I Explain about You? Arthur Q. Smith Song 9/17/46
I Am a Pilgrim Merle Travis Gospel 3/20/58
I Am Going That Way James Rowe, L.B. Register Gospel 2/15/37
I Am Ready to Go W. H. Whitworth? Gospel 2/15/37
I Dreamed I Searched Heaven for You Mary Ethel Wiess Song 10/12/36
I Have Found the Way Adger M. Pace ? L.A. Green Gospel 2/15/37
I Haven’t Seen Mary in Years Damon Black Song 3/26/69
I Know My Lord’s Gonna Lead Me Out Albert E. Brumley Gospel 7/4/69
I Live in the Past Virginia Stauffer Song 3/16/65
I Saw the Light Hank Williams Gospel 2/25/58
I Still Miss Someone Johnny Cash, Roy Cash Song 1/27/83
I Will Sing for the Glory of God traditional Gospel 3/26/70
I Wonder If You Feel the Way I Do Bob Wills Song 10/7/40
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight Jimmy Wakely & His Rough Riders or Johnny Bond Song 10/14/66
I’ll Fly Away Albert E. Brumley Gospel 7/4/82
I’ll Have a New Life Bill & Gloria Gaither Gospel 2/13/45
I’ll Meet You in Church Sunday Morning traditional Gospel 4/8/50
I’ll Meet You in the Morning Albert E. Brumley Song 3/19/58
I’m Going Through Herbert Buffum Gospel 6/21/36
I’m Old Kentucky Bound Charlie Monroe Song 2/9/76
I’m Sittin’ on Top of the World Ray Henderson , Sam Lewis, Joe Young Song 5/14/57 “Sittin’ on Top of the World”
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry Hank Williams Song 11/23/62
I’m Working on a Building A.P. Carter Gospel 1/14/54
I’ve Found a Hiding Place Albert E. Brumley Gospel 3/20/58
I’ve Lived a Lot in My Time Jim Reeves Song 12/15/83
I’ve Still Got Ninety-Nine traditional Song 1/28/38
If I Should Wander Back Tonight traditional Song
In My Dear Old Southern Home Ellsworth Cozzens, Jimmie Rodgers Song 2/17/36
In the Gloryland Way J.S. Torbett Gospel 7/4/82
In the Pines traditional Song 10/2/41
Is the Blue Moon Still Shining? Melissa Monroe Song 11/9/67
It Makes No Difference Now Cliff Bruner’s Texas Wanderers Song 12/6/66
It’s Me Again Lord Dottie Rambo Gospel 3/26/70
It’s Only a Phonograph Record Charlie Monroe Song 2/9/76
Jake Satterfield Damon Black Song 1/30/78
Jenny Lynn traditional Fiddle 1/20/71
Jesus Hold My Hand J.W. Acuff (lyrics) Gospel 3/20/58
Jimmy Brown the Newsboy A.P. Carter Song 11/23/62
John Hardy traditional Fiddle 12/4/61
John Henry traditional Song 8/2/59 “New John Henry Blues”
Just a Little Talk with Jesus Cleavant Derricks Gospel 2/21/48
Just Because Joe Shelton Song 6/20/66 Tex Logan Party, Madison, NJ
Just Over in the Glory Land J.W. Acuff Gospel 6/27/90 “We’re Going Just Over in the Glory Land”
Kansas City Railroad Blues Emmett Hethcox, George Walburn Song 9/5/65
Katy Cline traditional Ernest Stoneman Song 2/15/37
Katy Hill Allen Sisson, John F. Burckhardt Fiddle 10/7/40
Kentucky King Larry Cordle Song 1992-03-00
Kiss Me Waltz traditional Fiddle 1/15/71
l Am Thinking Tonight of the Old Folks Asa Martin, James Roberts Song 1943-03-00 “My Dixie Home”
Ladies on a Steamboat traditional Bill Monroe Fiddle
Let Me Rest at the End of My Journey Birch Monroe Song 12/10/62
Let the Light Shine Down on Me Dottie Swan Gospel 1/28/55
Let Us Be Lovers Again The Carter Family Song 8/3/37
Life’s Highway Richard Leigh, Roger Murrah, Song 1/13/88
Life’s Railway to Heaven M. E. Abbey Gospel 3/19/58
Linda Lou Carl Butler Song 11/30/60
Little Joe Maj. Charles E. Addison Song 1/28/38
Little Maggie trad Song 1946-13-00
Little Red Shoes traditional Monroe Bros. Song 2/17/36
Live and Let Live Wiley & Gene Song 11/10/61
Log Cabin in the Lane Will S. Hays Song 11/3/66
Lonesome Old Farmer Jimmy Campbell? Song 3/20/95
Lonesome Road Blues Nathaniel Shilkret, Gene Austin Song 11/30/60
Lonesome Truck Driver’s Blues Bob Newman or Lee Roberts Song 7/1/51
Lonesome Wind Blues Wayne Raney Song 11/25/59
Lord, Build Me a Cabin in Glory Curtis Stewart Gospel 2/25/58
Lord, Lead Me On Marion Easterling Gospel 2/25/58
Love Gone Cold Johnny Bond Song 1946-12-00
Love, Please Come Horne Leon Jackson Song 3/15/72
Love’s Gonna Live Here Buck Owens Song 11/16/63
Mary at the Home Place Ken Clark Song 1/27/64
Master Builder Wes-Burt Martin Gospel 12/10/62
McKinley’s March traditional Fiddle 1/19/70
Methodist Preacher Uncle Pen Vandiver Fiddle 4/29/69
Midnight on the Stormy Deep traditional Song 5/14/63
Molly and Tenbrooks Carver Boys Song 1946-12-00
Muddy Waters Phil Rosenthal Song 1/30/78
Mule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel No. 8) Jimmie Rodgers Song 11/25/39 “Muleskinner Blues”
My Cabin in Caroline Flatt & Scruggs Song 10/20/76
My Carolina Sunshine Girl Jimmie Rodgers Song 4/23/51
My Long Journey Home traditional Monroe Bros. Song 2/17/36
Natural Bridge Blues Tommy Magness Song 1975-06-00
Never Again (Will I Knock on Your Door) Benny Williams Song 4/9/64
New River Train traditional Song 2/17/36
Nine Pound Hammer Charlie Bowman Song 2/17/36
No Letter In The Mail Bill Carlisle, Byron Gregory Song 1/7/40
No Place To Pillow My Head traditional Lester Flatt, Bill Monroe Song 10/20/76
Nobody Loves Me, Nobody Cares Zeke Clements Song 2/13/45
Old Farm Blues Song 5/22/94
Old Joe Clark traditional Fiddle 2/4/61
On My Way To Glory traditional Gospel 8/3/37
On That Old Gospel Ship traditional Gospel 8/3/37
On The Jericho Road Donald S. McCrossan Gospel 5/17/62
Once I Had A Darling Mother traditional Song
One Of God’s Sheep Wally Fowler Gospel
Orange Blossom Special Ervin T. Rouse Fiddle 10/2/41
Paddy on the Turnpike traditional Fiddle 7/27/63
Paddy Won’t You Drink Some Good Old Cider Jimmy Johnson String Band Song 6/20/66 Tex Logan Party, Madison, NJ
Pass Me Not Fanny J. Crosby, W.H. Doane Gospel 11/23/62
Peach Pickin’ Time In Georgia Jimmie Rodgers Song 4/23/51
Pearly Gates Carson J. Robison Gospel 1/28/38 “Open Up Them Pearly Gates”
Pinewood Valley William Holden Fiddle 7/28/77
Plant Some Flowers By My Grave Jimmie Davis Song 1/8/54
Poison Love Elmer Laird Song 1/20/51
Poor White Folks traditional Bill Monroe Fiddle 1/15/71
Precious Memories John B.F. Wright Gospel 3/19/58
Put My Little Shoes Away Riley Puckett Song 6/26/54
Put My Rubber Doll Away Molly O’Day & The Cumberland Mountain Folks Song 12/1/60
Ragtime Annie traditional Song 6/15/90
Reasons Why Juanita Southern Song 3/12/75
Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms traditional Buster Carter, Preston Young Song 10/12/36 “Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms”
Roll On, Buddy, Roll On Charlie Bowman or Doyle Wilburn, Teddy Wilburn Song 2/15/37
Rollin’ On traditional Charlie Monroe Song 1/28/38
Rotation Blues Lt. Stewart Powell Song 7/1/51
Roustabout Mooney Harold Song 5/17/75
Sailor’s Hornpipe traditional Fiddle 3/20/63
Sailor’s Plea Elsie McWilliams, Jimmie Rodgers Song 4/23/51
Sally Goodin traditional Fiddle 8/23/67
Salt Creek traditional Bill Keith, Bill Monroe Fiddle 3/20/63
Salt River traditional Fiddle
Seven Year Blues Louvin Brothers Song 11/30/60
Shady Grove traditional Song 11/10/61
Shake My Mother’s Hand for Me Johnnie Wright Song 10/2/41
Shine On Me traditional Gospel 6/20/66 Tex Logan Party, Madison, NJ
Shouting on the Hills of Glory traditional Gospel 7/4/82
Show Me the Way Virginia Stauffer Gospel 3/10/75
Shuckin’ the Corn Josh Graves Fiddle 5/17/75
Sinner You Better Get Ready traditional Gospel 8/3/37
Six White Horses Clyde Moody Song 10/7/40
Slow and Easy Blues Jimmy Yancy? Fiddle 7/6/90
Smoky Mountain Schottische traditional Bill Monroe Fiddle 3/3/92
Sold Down the River Larry Cassidy Song 11/30/60
Soldier’s Joy traditional Fiddle 10/31/64
Some Glad Day Will M. Ramsey …Adger M. Pace, L.A. Green Gospel 2/15/37
Somebody Touched Me John Reedy Gospel 5/17/62
Sugar Coated Love Audrey Butler Song 7/6/51
Sunny Side of the Mountain Harry C. McAuliffe, Bobby Gregory Song 2/21/48
Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes Don Helms, Merle “Red” Taylor Song
Sweet Mary and the Miles in Between Damon Black Song 12/17/69
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot traditional Fisk Jubilee Singers Song 3/17/51
T.B. Blues Jimmie Rodgers Song 6/20/66 Tex Logan Party, Madison, NJ
Take Courage un’ Tomorrow traditional Gospel 1/13/88
Take Me Home Gospel 6/16/90
Tall Pines Damon Black Song 10/28/69
Tellico Plains Song 7/7/90
Tennessee Wagoner traditional Song
Texas Gallop traditional Fiddle 1/19/70 “Texas Quickstep”
Thank God for Kentucky Hazel Smith Song 3/12/75
That’s All Right Autrey Inman Song 12/6/66 “But That’s Alright”
That’s Christmas Time to Me Virginia Stauffer Song 7/28/77
That’s What I Like About You Charlie Monroe Song
The Beautiful Red Rose Waltz Birch Monroe Song 1975-06-00
The Coupon Song J. E. Mainer, Jimmie O’Neal Song 10/2/41
The Days Gone By Tom Ewing, Bill Monroe Song 1/12/88
The Dead March Uncle Pen Vandiver Fiddle 3/26/69
The Forgotten Soldier Boy Bert Layne Song 10/12/36
The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band Cliff Carlisle, M. Foree Song 10/22/49
The Glory Land Way James Samuel Torbett Gospel 11/23/62
The Great Speckled Bird Roy Carter, Reverend Guy Smith Gospel
The Hills of Roane County The Blue Sky Boys Song
The Lee Wedding Tune Uncle Pen Vandiver Fiddle 11/25/69
The Little Girl and the Dreadful Snake Albert Rae Price Song 7/18/52
The Lloyd Loar Fiddle
The Long Black Veil Danny Dill ? Marijohn Wilkins Song 3/16/65
The Old Country Baptizing Verlon Bryontt, Jim Shumate Gospel 5/10/62
The Old Fiddler Hugh Ashsley, Ira Wright Song 4/8/50
The Old Gray Mare Came Tearing Out Of The Wilderness traditional Fiddle 1/15/71
The Old Home Town Carter Stanley Song 5/11/89
The Old Man’s Story Carson J. Robison Song 1/28/38
The Prisoner’s Song Guy Massey Song
The Red Rocking Chair traditional Song 2/9/76
The Road Of Life Virginia Stauffer Gospel
The Saints Go Marching In traditional Gospel 10/12/36
The Truck Drivin’ Man Terry Fell Song
There Was Nothing We Could Do Chuck Carson Song 4/25/62
There’s an Old, Old House Hal Bynum, George Jones Song 3/16/65 “The Old, Old House”
Thinking About You Lee Fikes Song 11/25/59
This World Is Not My Home Adger M. Pace James D. Vaughan Song 2/17/36
Those Gambler’s Blues Jimmie Rodgers Song 4/23/51
Those Memories of You Alan O’Bryant Song 2/8/78
Til All the Lonely’s Gone Pam Tillis Song 1/9/94
Time Changes Everything Tommy Duncan Song 11/30/60
Train 45 (Heading South) Wade Mainer & Zeke Morris Song 11/9/67
Travelin’ Blues Shelly Lee Allley, Jimmie Rogers Song 3/29/51
Travelin’ Down This Lonesome Road Nathaniel Shilkret Song 10/22/49 “Travelin’ This Lonesome Road”
Truck Driving Man Terry Fell Song 5/17/75
Turkey in the Straw traditional Fiddle 8/26/66
Wabash Cannonball A.P. Carter Song 5/17/75
Wait A Little Longer, Please Jesus Hazel Houser, Chester Smith Gospel 1/28/55
Walkin’ the Dog Webb Pierce Song 2/8/63
Walking in Jerusalem traditional Gospel 7/18/52
Walking in My Sleep Arthur Smith Fiddle 5/17/75
Watermelon Hangin’ on the Vine Thomas P. Westendorf Fiddle 6/21/36 “Watermelon Hangin’ on That Vine”
Way Down Deep in My Soul Floyd Hunter Gospel 5/16/62
Wayfaring Strarger traditional Vaughan’s Texas Quartet Gospel 3/21/58
We Read Of A Place That’s Called Heaven A.P. Bland Gospel 10/12/36
We’ll Understand It Better R.E. Winsett Song 5/17/62
Weary Traveler Cliff Carlisle, Boby Gregory Song 3/12/75
Weep And Cry Charlie Monroe Song
Weeping Willow Tree Charlie Monroe Song 2/15/37
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? traditional Gospel 10/2/41
What a Friend We Have in Jesus Charles Converse Gospel 7/4/82
What A Wonderful Life Raymond Huffmaster Gospel 10/8/88
What About You Jack Anglin Song 4/29/69
What Became of That Beautiful Picture Charlie Monroe Song 2/9/76
What Does the Deep Sea Say? Bob Miller Song 10/12/36 “Where is My Sailor Boy?”
What Is Home without Love? The Louvin Brothers Song 2/17/36
What Would The Profit Be? John M. Freeman Gospel
What Would You Give in Exchange (for Your Soul?) J.H. Carr, F.J. Barry Gospel 2/17/36
When He Reached Down His Hand for Me G.E. Wright Gospel 9/5/65
When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again Wiley Walker, Gene Sullivan Song 10/14/66
When Our Lord Shall Come Again Rev. Johnson Oatmand, R.L. Ferguson Gospel 1/28/38
When the Angels Carry Me Home Charlie Monroe Gospel 2/9/76
When The Bees Are In The Hive traditional Alfred Bryan, Kerry Mills Song 4/26/62
When The Cactus Is In Bloom Jimmie Rodgers Song 3/29/51
When The Phone Rang Joe Hudgins Song 1/30/59
When the Saints Go Marching In traditional Gospel
Whispering Hope Septimus Winner Song 6/24/90
White Horse Breakdown Kenny Baker Fiddle
White House Blues Charlie Pool Song 1/7/54
White Rose Carl Butler Song 1/12/88
Who’s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet traditional Song 1/24/78
Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On? Billy Wallace, Kitty Wells Song
Why Did You Ever Say Goodbye Charlie Monroe Song
Wicked Path of Sin Stoney Cooper & Wilma Lee Gospel 9/17/46
Wildwood Flower The Carter Family Song 5/17/75
Will The Circle Be Unbroken? Ada Habersonand, Charles Gabriel, Carter Family Gospel 10/12/36
Will You Be Loving Another Man Lester Flatt Song 9/17/46
Willie Moore traditional Burnett & Rutherford Song 6/15/90
With Body And Soul Virginia Stauffer Song 4/29/69
Worn Through Stone Shawn Camp, John Scott Sherrill Song 6/6/94
Y’all Come Arlie Duff Song 1/8/56
You Are My Sunshine The Carter Family Song
You Won’t Be Statisfied That Way Jimmie Davis, Lloyd Ellis Song 5/14/63
You’ll Find Her Name Written There Harold Hensley Song 12/31/54
You’ve Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley traditional Gospel 6/21/36