Welcome to the Monroe Mandolin Camp

images 2015 from Monroe Mandolin Camp
Where legends pass the torch to the next generation of players. Focusing on the groundbreaking and innovative music created by Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys (as well as on the music that influenced them), it’s “All Monroe, All the Time!”

Offering the finest instruction of Mandolin, Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar, Upright Bass, and Harmony Singing, our entire staff of Instructors, Blue Grass Boys, Luthiers, Special Presenters, and Support Musos provide a full immersion, hands-on playing experience in a fun and supportive environment.

Young learning from the young at heart, pickers from around the world jamming side-by-side, novice to long time players all come together to create a dynamic gathering of like minded souls.

Committed to building community from around the world, as well as forging platforms and connections for the next generation of musicians, the MonManCamp presents programs that ensure the continuation of this truly original and powerful American art form called Bluegrass Music.

What’s Included

  • World-Class Instructors who understand the music and the culture, the folkloric stories, and the traditions that make up original, traditional Bluegrass music.
  • Weds. Opening Night Party, Jamming, and Traditional Pig Roast by award winning BBQ Chef Eric Turner to kick off the camp in style! You bring the jamming, we’ll provide the food!
  • 100 plus classes for Mandolin, Fiddle, Banjo, Harmony Singing, Guitar, Upright Bass, Songwriting, and many collaborative classes that mix the instruments!   You may take classes on any and all instruments-you are not tied down to one track. If your car is big enough, bring them all!
  • Special Afternoon Presentations by Doyle Lawson and Butch Robins:
    • This year, we are excited to have Doyle Lawson, an American traditional bluegrass and Souther gospel musician.  He is best known as a mandolin player, vocalist, and up until the end of 2021, the leader of   the 6-man group Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver.  Doyle’s accolades are widespread and many, including Grammy awards, a National Endowments for the Arts National Heritage Fellowship recipient, an IBMA  Bluegrass Hall of Fame Inductee, IBMA award winner in multiple categories, SPBGMA award winner, DOVE award recipient.
    • Joseph Calvin “Butch” Robins is an American five-string–banjo player with his own, distinct style.  On September 24, 2016, Butch was inducted into the Bill Monroe Bluegrass Hall of Fame in Bean Blossom, Indiana.  He’s an individualist and, according to himself, “a seeker of information, knowledge and wisdom.”  He was one of the longest-tenured banjoists for Bill Monroe and The Blue Grass Boys, as well as being bassist for the New Grass Revival, earning him the distinction of being “the one and only New Grass/Blue Grass Boy.”  An eloquent and passionate speaker, Butch will regale camp with stories from life on the road with Bill, lessons learned, and his insight into the power of music.
  • Additional electives include: String Changing 101; In Care of A Musician: Yoga and Stretching for Injury Prevention led by Nancy Bounds, a pre-camp trip to Carter Family Fold nearby, and a Band Scramble that everyone can participate in!
  • Private Tour of Birthplace of Country Music, Bristol, TN. on Saturday afternoon. Following the tour, we’ll have a pizza party dinner, then enjoy a concert, Our Night of Monroe’s Bluegrass Classics in the Performance Theater. Showcasing our instructors, video scholarship winners, and special guests, this concert will be LIVE BROADCAST on RADIO BRISTOL.
  • One-on-One Individual, Knee-to-Knee Tutorial with an instructor of your choice. A focused, private intensive that is all about you!
  • Daily Organized Jams led by our instructors and supported by guest ‘musos’.   Jams are broken up into various levels including novice/beginner, slow, intermediate, fast, old-time. And of course, there are plenty of spontaneous jams to keep you up until the sunrise!
  • Support materials/handouts for classes in a bespoke custom camp manual. We know you can’t be in all the classes you want to be at the same time, so we provide materials for all classes for you to take home and work on throughout the year!
  • Hot catered meals, near-by lodging, and no curfew times for jamming at our venue, the Southwest VA Higher Education Center,  where all the activities will take place.  Vegetarian options available at all meals. The two biggest decisions one has to make are (1)what classes to choose from, and (2) how much sleep one really needs!
  • On-Site Instrument Set-Up & Repair Shop w/Luthiers Paul Duff and Will Kimble.  Guest Luthier TBA.
  • Once you’ve registered, you will be invited to join a Members’ Only Alumni group that provides additional educational opportunities, support, and monthly community gathering (w/Special Events and Guest Artists.)
  • Morning and Evening Yoga.
  • Nearby Virginia Creeper Trail for bicyclist enthusiasts and many tourist activities in the surrounding areas.
  • Besides all of the fabulous offerings above, we promise that there will be much laughter, learning, new friends made, old friends reconnected with, a community of enthusiastic and kind participants/teachers/staff, and so much excellent music that you’ll be wishing that we had a longer camp!