2017 Special Presentations

  • Triple Fiddle Panel
    A roundtable presentation and discussion on the art-form of triple fiddling, Monroe-style, with Buddy Spicher, Glen Duncan, Brian Christianson.
  • Clogging
    This dance which originated in Wales and England, and evolved in the Appalachians was part of Bill Monroe’s shows. You’ll get the rhythm out of your hands and into your heels and toes. Led by Grand Ol’ Opry clogger, Marcia Campbell. An afternoon you won’t forget!
  • The Roots of the Ancient Tones
    Bill Monroe spoke of his use of “ancient tones,” or the sounds of pipe and fiddle music, that originated in the British Isles, and made their way to the hills and hollows of Appalachia and the American southeast.

    Explore the unique sound of old time and bluegrass music through an ecological lens. Discover how ecological growing conditions, and specific tree species commonly found in the forested communities of the Northeast United States, contributed to the tonality, emergence and continued development of an American music genre. You’ll gain a new appreciation for the meaning of “roots” music.

    -Bill Hamilton grew up playing classical violin and has played the mandolin since 2000. He teaches physical and environmental science at the Meadowbrook School of Weston in Weston, MA, and has eight years of experience as an educator, ecologist and backcountry trip leader.