2 New Tracks: Old-Time Mandolin & Traditional Bluegrass Banjo

Starting in 2016, we’ve decided to offer two special tracks in conjunction with the mandolin camp.

It is no secret to anyone that has studied the music of Bill Monroe that he was a huge fan of oldtime fiddle music. In fact, Bill originally wanted to be a fiddler himself but there was nothing left for him to play but the mandolin. I know we’re all thankful for that. However, Bill carried the sound of the fiddle in his soul and transformed it into mandolin music. He injected the pulse of the bow into the pick and brought rhythm and melody together in an unstoppable voice.

We’ve added a special Old-Time Mandolin Track this year that will focus on the musical generation that influenced Monroe and the creation of his mandolin style. Fiddler and mandolinist Adam Tanner will be your guide. Adam is an enthusiastic and accomplished practitioner of old-time fiddling as well as traditional bluegrass, and he is a published author on the subject of transferring fiddle rhythms to the mandolin. Adam is recognized by all those who have sat in his classes as a master teacher and communicator.

Participants are welcome to choose any class they want to attend by any instructor (in the mandolin grouping). One is not required to sign up for a track. We used the word ‘track’ to announce a wonderful new addition to camp.

There will also be offered a Traditional Bluegrass Banjo Track that will feature the influence Monroe’s music had on the banjo, the ‘5th Child’ of Bluegrass.

The banjo is essential to the bluegrass ensemble and there were a number of highly skilled musicians that made huge contributions to the sound of the music. The MonManCamp’16 Banjo Track will not only cover some of Bill’s instrumental tunes for the banjo over the years, but also how the banjo contributed as a backup instrument in the classic bluegrass ensemble of guitar, mandolin, fiddle, bass and banjo.

We are proud to present to you this year’s banjo instructor, Alan O’Bryant, banjo great from Reedsville, North Carolina. Alan has been a long-standing band member and friend to the Monroes and really knows his craft when it comes to playing bluegrass banjo. Alan is an excellent and experienced teacher as well. Alan will be coaching intermediate and advanced students only. This is NOT a beginner course, but an intensive look at the inner workings of traditional bluegrass banjo. What constitutes an “intermediate” banjo player is that they can tune the instrument, they are proficient in right and left hand technique (know basic rolls for three fingers, etc.), have a repertoire of a couple of dozen tunes, and can play in several keys.

The Traditional Bluegrass Banjo Track will be limited to an intimate size with a maximum of 15 students. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

Any questions about either of these tracks, please contact us at monroemandolincamp@gmail.com