ComptonWith great pleasure I’d like to welcome you to our Second Annual Monroe Mandolin Camp! I’d like to say a special welcome back to you folks that came to be with us last year. It was a wonderful time and we were happy with the show of interest and enthusiasm for one of our favorite subjects, the mandolin artistry of Grand Ole Opry star and creative musical legend Mr. Bill Monroe. 

Last year, with nothing but Bill’s mandolin style as our guide for the camp and our belief that there are like-minded souls who desire the sound of hard-edged and emotionally-charged traditional bluegrass we dove in with both feet. What we found was a vibrant and committed community of players of all ages and backgrounds who are willing to go to the ends of the earth to find “that sound.” The energy we experienced was fantastic and it was amazing to see the friendships and bonds struck up between players who had never met each other before. 

This year we will be adding another day to our schedule in order to accommodate the desire to get in some more jamming time. We will have the same amount of class instruction spread out over the week and we have some of the greatest practitioners in the Monroe style available to you again. The new schedule arrangement makes room for not only more jamming but for some pretty spectacular special presentations each afternoon. I am excited to add this feature and I am confident you will enjoy what we are cooking up for you. 

This year the camp has moved to an older site and we think you will find it to be as beautiful and peaceful as we do. There is plenty of room to spread out and plenty of shade for sitting down and learning a tune with a few folks, or taking a nap and getting ready to jam all night. Plus there’s room to stretch your legs some if you need a good walk. We will be presenting the Saturday night showcase at Carter Vintage Guitars again this year. Christie and Walter Carter are up for it, and have graciously included us on their calendar for 2015. How often are you in a room surrounded by mandolins made by the greatest luthiers in the world? 

There is so much more in store for you this year at the Second Annual MonManCamp. I heartily invite you to come be with us, and share in the celebration of the musical legacy of the Father of Bluegrass. It is a vibrant and wonderful community we are supporting and we would like very much for you to be a part of it. We will do our utmost to see that you are given the tools to express yourself in the old-time style. We believe that it is still one of the most vibrant and valid mandolin languages in the world and in the words of Mr. Bill, “…it’s powerful”. 

Looking forward to seeing you in Tennessee. 

Mike Compton, Director
Heidi Herzog, Camp Administrator