Welcome to the Monroe Music Camp website! We are proud to offer original bluegrass music instruction on Mandolin, Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar, Upright Bass, and Harmony Singing-the quintessential instrumentation of a Bluegrass Band!

Acting as preservationists for the innovative, original and groundbreaking music as created by Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys (who were every bit active co-collaborators in the creation of this music)  the Monroe Mandolin Camp offers a niche stylized focus on this original Americana genre called Bluegrass music.   Through our instructors, support musicians and staff, in addition to giving all participants an experience of full immersion and hands-on indepth learning and playing, we foster an incredible international community of folks who crave this original bluegrass music, thereby building platforms and connections for the next generation of young musicians.


We will be announcing our 2019 lineup of instructors on December 15, 2018, and registration will open January 1, 2019.

GIFT CERTIFICATES: If you are interested in gifting this retreat for a special someone in your life, we are able to do so with a lovely gift certificate.  Send an email to monroemandolincamp@gmail.com and we will get your gift out in time for the holidays (birthdays).

Participants will once again have over 100 classes to choose from, one-on-one knee-to-knee individual tutorials with an instructor of their choice, organized slow, intermediate and fast jams to join each evening, daily Special Presentations that enhance the formal instruction portion each day, a special evening Concert led by our instructional staff, the traditional pre-camp opening night party jam, and so much more!  In 2019, we will introduce a new section of Bluegrass Band Master Class Coaching.

We look forward to having you be a part of this experience. We’ll see you down the road, and look forward to welcoming you for the first time—or welcoming you back—to the Monroe Mandolin Camp experience!

Mike Compton
Heidi Herzog