2019 MonManCamp Registration

regPre-teens or teenagers: If you are a guardian or parent and wish to register an under 18 year old, please fill out his or her name—as well as yours—on the form below, and one of us will contact you with further details. All under 18 age students must have a guardian with them at camp.

Full Time Student Discounts: Attach proof of current school registration and class schedule to your MonManCamp Registration Form to receive $100 off your tuition. This is for registered students of any age.

Early-Bird Discount: Register March 31, 2019 or earlier and you can receive a $25 Early-Bird Discount!

Youth Scholarships: We have a total of 6 tuition scholarships available (full and/or partial)  for young players up to 18 years old. If interested, please send us an email, and a link to a YouTube video of you playing, and we’ll be in touch. Email to monroemandolincamp@gmail.com, and in the subject line write “Youth Scholarship: [Your Name].”

Please note: For registration July 1, 2019 and later,  payment in full is due for registration, housing, meal plan and t-shirt. All balances due can be made payable at PayPal.com.

Please contact us at monroemandolincamp@gmail.com with any additional questions or concerns.

Two Ways to Register:

1. Download and fill out registration form and mail in with a check or money order for either the whole amount, or as a deposit to reserve your spot at camp. This way you will not be charged a 3% Paypal convenience fee.

Download 2019 MonManCamp Registration Form 2. Register right here with a credit card or PayPal, using the form below:

Note:  If “Submit” does not take you over to PayPal please let us know. Isolated bugs are often remedied using a different browser or computer. Meanwhile, apologies for the inconvenience, and you can always download the PDF and register old school, like Bill did.