Class Category: Fiddle

High (and Low) Lonesome Double-stops

Instructor: Laura Orshaw High (and Low) Lonesome Double Stops (High Intermediate – Advanced): Looking at a few Monroe songs like “Memories of You“, and “I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome“, we’ll explore how Monroe’s fiddlers used double-stops to fuel the emotion and intensity, on the road to creating Monroe’s high lonesome sound.

Bowing Patterns

Instructor: Laura Orshaw Bowing Patterns (Low Intermediate): In this class, Laura will demonstrate some popular bowing patterns in Bluegrass music, and how to incorporate them into fiddle tunes to create a more lively and dynamic sound.  Slurs, rhythmic groupings, accents, and string crossings will be demonstrated as we create a successful and exciting bow style.

Exploring Fiddle Backup Techniques

Instructor: Laura Orshaw Exploring Fiddle Backup Techniques: (High Intermediate) In this class, “Memories of You” and “I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome” will be demonstrated, to showcase how Monroe’s fiddlers used doublestops to fuel the emotion and intensity in Monroe’s high lonesome sound.