Class Category: Casey Campbell

East TN Blues (w/Alan O’Bryant)

Instructors: Casey Campbell & Alan O’Bryant East TN Blues: A fun collaboration of this American old-time fiddle tune, which dates back to the early 20th century.  Written by Charlie Bowman, this tune was performed by Bill Monroe, Doc Watson, and country fiddlers like Tommy Jackson.  A tune with a rag-time feel, this is a collaborative …

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Classic Kickoffs & Fills

Instructor: Casey Campbell Classic Kickoffs & Fills (Intermediate): Kickoff and Fills…those compact musical phrases that are so linked with Bill Monroe’s signature music.  In this class, Casey will dissect what they are, as well as show you how these iconic musical phrases – Monroe-isms – can also be applied tastefully for just about any song.

Doublestops From Bottom to Top

Instructor: Casey Campbell Doublestops: From Bottom to Top (Beginner): The dynamic Casey Campbell will be teaching basic double-stops in this class…Keys of G, C, and D…but not just in first position!  You’ll also learn how to access double stops at the teeny frets at the top of the fretboard! This is a great foundational class …

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