Class Category: Cary Black

The Walking Bass

Instructor: Cary Black. The Walking Bass:  This class is an overview of the ingredients scales chord tones chromatic tones target/approach notes repeated notes and combining ways of tried-and-true patterns into bass lines that support simple chord progressions.  Stylistic considerations regarding when and when not to use walking bass will also be discussed.

Accurate Timekeeping

Instructor: Cary Black, This lesson is exploratory on how to create a steady, supportive, and dynamic ‘time’ feel.  Topics may include: amplifying the pulse in 2 beat, walking, and waltz time; anchoring the time in the body-swing time versus straight time; tempos; various Bluegrass “feels”; how to negotiate the changing rhythm sections behind vocalists and …

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Beyond the Root & Fifth

Instructor: Cary Black Beyond the Root & Fifth:  This class will help you expand your musical vocabulary and tool box of techniques as you dive deep into Leading Tones, Passing Tones, Bass Runs, Rhythmic Accents, Syncopations.  As these ‘concepts’ get integrated into your playing, a larger stylistically appropriate musical language will add  a stronger coherence …

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