Class Category: Alan Bibey

Old Ebeneezor Scrooge

Instructor: Alan Bibey Old Ebeneezor Scrooge:  (Expert)  This Christmas time referenced favorite tells a story with it’s four parts.  In this class, Alan will deconstruct each section, honing in on unique ‘ideas’ within, and show how those ideas could be applied in other areas of our playing.  If that wasn’t enough, Alan will  also touch …

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Monroe(isms) to End Your Breaks

Instructor: Alan Bibey Monroe-isms to end Your Breaks (High Intermediate):  During this video class, Alan will demonstrate many classic Monroe endings to songs how to use them,  some of the many variations Monroe played of these., and how to play them in various keys.  Moving beyond these tried and true endings, you will work on …

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Lonesome Moonlight Waltz

Instructor:  Alan Bibey Lonesome Moonlight Waltz (High Intermediate):   A classic melody of a classic Bluegrass tune.  In this class, we will take the basic melody of this piece and  expand on it in a variety of ways, incorporating new ideas and adding different touches to this mainstay Bluegrass tune.