2022 Instructors


  • Mike Compton, DirectorMike Compton, Director
    Befriended and mentored by Bill Monroe, the acknowledged Father of Bluegrass Music, Mike Compton is one of today’s foremost interpreters of Monroe’s genre-creating mandolin ...
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  • Lauren PriceLauren Price
    Music has long been present in the life of Lauren Price Napier. Growing up, she learned to sing duet-style harmony with her twin sister, ...
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  • Chris HenryChris Henry
    Christopher Henry is a second generation bluegrass musician. Son of Murphy and Red Henry, founders of the by-ear bluegrass instructional business, The Murphy ...
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  • Carl JonesCarl Jones
    (Old-Time Mandolin/Old-Time): Carl Jones is an American songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born in Macon, Georgia. He presently lives in Hillsville, Virginia and is widely respected for ...
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  • Aynsley PorchakAynsley Porchak
    Aynsley began playing fiddle at the age of 9. She was introduced to bluegrass in her early teens, and quickly fell in love with the music. In order to further ...
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  • Alan MundeAlan Munde
    Alan Munde was born November 4, 1946 in Norman, Oklahoma and began his bluegrass banjo musical career while attending the University of Oklahoma. He and fellow student Byron Berline, ...
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  • Dick BowdenDick Bowden
    Maine native Dick Bowden has been playing hillbilly and bluegrass guitar since 1961, having learned by ear and eye from his parents. (And that’s how ...
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Upright Bass

  • Katelyn BuckleyKatelyn Buckley
    Originally residing on a cattle ranch in Eastern Montana, Katelyn moved to Nashville in 2019 to pursue her dream as a professional musician. She grew up playing in the family ...
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  • Jim WatsonJim Watson
    Jim Watson was a founding member of the Red Clay Ramblers in 1972, and was with them for 14 years, playing mandolin, guitar, and bass. He played bass with ...
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Jamming 101

  • Jeff BurkeJeff Burke
    Jeff Burke is a professional musician and instructor who teaches bluegrass music and improvisation to individuals and groups. He plays Guitar, Mandolin and Banjo and has performed and recorded with ...
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Songwriting & Vocal Harmony

  • Laurelyn DossettLaurelyn Dossett
    Singer/songwriter Laurelyn Dossett lives and writes in Stokes County, NC. Her songs have appeared in film and television (Hell on Wheels, Ain’t In it for My Health) and have been ...
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  • Paul DuffPaul Duff
    After building his first mandolin in 1982, Paul became fascinated with the array and diversity of skills, many from a bygone era, required to successfully ...
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  • Will KimbleWill Kimble
    Kimble mandolins are custom made tools for acoustic musicians. Each mandolin is carefully crafted by hand based on input regarding tone, feeling, aesthetics. There are ...
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  • Nancy BoundsNancy Bounds
    Nancy Bounds began her yoga journey years ago, dabbling with college courses in beginning yoga. Life happened; 3 children, 2 divorces and a long, ...
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