Richie Brown

Richie BrownDr. Richard (Richie) Brown, has been a part-time bluegrass musician in the Boston area since the mid sixties. He has played with several prominent New England bluegrass bands and has occasionally filled in with nationally known bluegrass artists as well. Richard has done mandolin workshops with Ron Thomason, Dave McLaughlin, and Lou Martin at the Joe Val Festival and other events for the Boston Bluegrass Union, and with Mike Holmes at The New England Folk Festival.

Richard is an “original” Mandolin Camp North faculty member, dating from 2005-2015. In addition, from 2008-2013, he (as Associate Director) and Mike Compton (Director) supervised and taught in a Monroe-Style Mandolin Camp sponsored by The International Bluegrass Museum in Owensboro, KY.
Richard introduced Monroe-style mandolin introductory courses at the Fiddle Hell Camp at Westford, Massachusetts in November of 2017 and 2018. He was a faculty member at the Monroe Mandolin Camp (MonManCamp) in 2016 and will return as a faculty member in 2019.  Bill Monroe’s style and “old style” mandolin players heavily influence Richard’s approach to Mandolin playing.  Richard currently plays mandolin and sings in the Boston-based Reunion Band.